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Tech for disAbility is a working group within TLA set up to campaign for greater use of technology to specifically serve  and improve the lives of the disAbled.

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Working Group

Volunteering to join the working group members will bring you into the wider network as a Tech London Advocate. It will specifically be focused on feeding into and supporting the objectives, events, programmes and communications of the Tech For disAbility group. There is no pre-requisite time commitment or responsibility, or any connection to disAbility, just a drive for a more diverse, inclusive and rich tech (and wider) community.

All working group members should be able to support and advocate for the main aims of TLA Tech for disAbility: 

Find how the power of technology can improve the lives of disabled people: Promote the value of technology in benefiting the lives of the disabled and encourage more problem solving and innovation are directed to different abilities

Raise awareness of creating technology with accessibility built in to ensure it intrinsically responds to and includes all needs from the outset, so no one is left behind.


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