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Digital Inclusion and Disability LTW 2022 Event

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About Tech For Disability Events

Tech London Advocates (TLA) Tech For Disability runs a regular series of Inclusive Conversations in addition to special events. We aim to connect the disabled and tech communities to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information to promote knowledge, awareness, and opportunities so technology can benefit everyone.

In previous sessions, we’ve seen early demos of VR worlds and banking management for vulnerable people. We hosted a panel discussion on tech for neurodiversity at London Tech Week that expanded our global audience. There were spontaneous discussions of how retail could understand more of deaf needs, repurposing disabled schemes from one industry to the tech industry, and how public APIs could recognise a schema of accessibility needs shared as an individual profile.

We want to be at the hub of content flowing through this network. One way to do so is through our meetings, so please attend to add to the conversation and ideas. Another way is to contribute relevant news and information to us so we can distribute it through our platform.

This group is backed by Tech London Advocates, a network to promote London as a global capital of technology. TLA is part of Global Tech Advocates, so all are welcome. If you aren’t already a member of Tech London Advocates, you can join by booking attendance, and TLA will follow up to welcome you should you agree.

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