Inclusion For disAbled People in the Tech Industry

We are dedicated to raising awareness, promoting inclusion and increasing accessibility

Our Aims

People with disabilities make up a significant amount of the population and offer unique insights into technology, however they are massively underrepresented in the technology sector. We also believe that technology can be used to make a difference in areas of disability and inclusion. Lastly, we believe that technology should be produced responsibly so it is accessible to all, rather than an afterthought to gain compliance standards. Tech For disAbility is a new working group set up within the wider Tech London Advocates network to promote London as a global centre for technology and innovation within a number of areas. Our main aims include the following:


Enable and accommodate more disabled people in the technology industry to ensure broader inclusion and make it stronger through the diversity of London

Improve Lives Through Tech

Promote the value of technology in benefiting the lives of the disabled. Encourage more problem solving and innovation directed to different abilities


Raise awareness of creating technology with accessibility built in to ensure it intrinsically responds to and includes all needs from the outset, so no one is left behind

Latest News

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